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Follow my beard blog guiz~

So, I think I’m gonna make a beard blog guiz.

Ugh, I want u ~

Ahahahaha. Funniest thing i’ve heard all day (;

Hell nah, I only have 88 followers you silly anon. 

Actually not really. Those people who I don’t like its not like i’m angry at them like Oh my god I hate you. It’s more like I could care less about you because you aren’t in my life anymore. I mean yeah it did hurt me when ever we weren’t friends anymore, but i’m actually almost completely each of them. I just don’t like them because each of them hurt me. And I understand I probably hurt them to. But its life and I’m pretty sure each one of them has moved on like I have. I don’t hold anything against them, cause i’ve had some pretty good times with each of them. But still, I just don’t care for them. Its whatever I guess.